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8 WEEKS Oct 24-Dec 15 - Saturdays 9:30-11am + Tuesdays 5:30-10pm (2 sessions per week)


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Are you aiming to create a winning portfolio for post-secondary art school? Are you interested in studying animation, or becoming an illustrator at a professional level? This 8-week course is designed to help those talented students who are really looking to sharpen their skills, add to their toolbox, and get their portfolios in shape for post-secondary institutions.

The course will be run will be twice a week, for 8 weeks:

Saturdays 9:30-11am
Oct 24 – Dec 12
Location:  The Creative Hub – 23 Main St South, Waterdown Ontario

The 8 weeks will be divided each Saturday morning to cover all the areas required among the various student’s portfolio requirements.

Topics that will be covered (but not limited to):

– Layout/Perspective/Composition: I will teach you how to do this faster, more intuitively, accurately, and creatively
– Character Design: We will go over style, structure, rotations, acting, etc etc
– Hand Drawing: Common for many portfolio requirements, I break these down for you to make them clear and effective
– Animation: I will help you break down how to complete the animation portfolio assignment effectively
– Anatomy: As it relates to character design/stylized design. (we will save deeper anatomy study for Tuesday nights)


Tuesdays 5:30-10pm
Oct 27 – Dec 15
Location:  The Cotton Factory – 270 Sherman Avenue North, Hamilton ON

Tuesday nights will be dedicated entirely to LIFEDRAWING.

Possibly the most important element of portfolios is the lifedrawing component. Yet, most students not yet in post-secondary curriculums are badly lacking in this area. There is really no substitute for this, you must simply put in the hours, and have someone with the proper experience to explain and show you how.

Every Tuesday from 5:30-6:30, we will have a class (no model) where I will teach you a system for lifedrawing as I was taught at Classical Animation from Sheridan, and as I’ve been practising regularly for the past several years at the Cotton Factory. I know exactly what the portfolio judges are looking for, especially if you are interested in applying for animation courses.

Then, after a half-hour break, from 7-10 pm (with 2 breaks), all students have a guaranteed spot for actual lifedrawing sessions at the Cotton Factory. We will have a different model each week, and many other amazing artists to be inspired by (you will probably inspire some too!).  Three hours of lifedrawing + a one hour class before may be a new experience for some students, so I welcome if any students choose to leave after the 2 hour break (9pm). However, if you are serious about attending post-secondary art schools, it is a fact that you will have many long days of drawing, and these sessions Tuesday nights can be excellent training to experience what this is like, and you will enjoy and be prepared for your schooling so much more!

After 8 weeks, your understanding of anatomy, gesture, form, structure, lighting, and speed will improve dramatically. The chances of having a select few drawings at the end that demonstrate what the portfolio judges are looking for will be high. In lifedrawing it is said that for every good drawing you must go through 100 bad ones 😀   – So let’s get those good ones!


*Registrations are accepted upon approval. Instructor may request some samples of student’s work, and reserves the right to refuse/refund registrations based on level of ability. Students who are serious about post-secondary art schools only please.

*Attendance of the course does not guarantee acceptance at any post secondary institutions. I will do my very best in the time we have, but the rest is up to the student, quality of other applications, judges, and many things out of our control.

*Lifedrawing sessions are traditional nude models, both male and female. It is expected that students are mature and behave accordingly. It is very important not to talk/make any unnecessary noise while sessions are active. No phones during sessions. Headphones are OK at low-med volume. 

*Portfolios can NOT be completed solely within class time. It is expected that students will require non-class time to develop complete portfolios. Class time is for instruction, critique, and coaching as they develop their own work.

The instructor is a graduate of Classical Animation from Sheridan, and has been a professional storyboard artist and illustrator for almost 20 years:


$595 per student (+HST)


  • 20 hours of instruction/portfolio coaching
  • up to 24 available hours of live lifedrawing
  • all lifedrawing materials (newsprint, kraft paper, conte)


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