Teacher Development for the Arts

We all know how recent budget cuts have hurt our public schools’ ability to provide quality Arts Education to our children… Creative Insight Studio is committed to countering that in our society by fostering new attitudes and awareness on the incredible value of real arts-based experiences.

Time after time, studies show how important creative experiences are on the developing child – real arts education provides students with authentic learning experiences that engage their whole minds, hearts and bodies. It encourages creativity and imagination, strengthens visualization and problem-solving skills, and boosts self-esteem for their own uniqueness. And for the future, there is no doubt that the students of today will be growing up in a world that may value creativity more than ever.

Yet, we are seeing an increase in frustration from teachers who are aware of these truths, but yet find themselves limited by a system that doesn’t seem to provide for it.

So, in addition to our classes and workshops, Creative Insight Studio is offering specialized ‘Teacher Development in the Arts’ workshops to help you raise the quality of your student’s art experiences at school. You will have access to several qualified professional artists and teachers who can give you the ‘crash course’ on their many valuable years of education and real-world work experiences. From learning how to bring pottery into your curriculum, to getting the inside scoop on why certain basic ideas and principles are important to unlock students’ creative skills, and how to bring them out better… even if you yourself are not an artist!

If you think this could benefit you, please contact us to discuss your ideas/needs;