Grade 8 Project Sample Ideas

Would you like to enhance your students’ learning experience? Want them to really get immersed in your subject and give them that hands-on feeling of REAL learning and exploration?

Let us design a high-quality Creative workshop customized to fit your curriculum!

Our workshops are designed to work with the teacher to enhance any current themes or topics the kids are learning about to make it more fun. For instance, if they are learning about medieval times, we can create ceramic castles, or a shield/crest… we can make cultural connections (Aztec suns, Chinese Dragons, Native masks etc), create Egyptian Sarcophaguses, Pioneer Log Houses, etc etc.

Any topic of learning can become creative, and it is in this state where real learning blossoms. Let us show you our magic!

Here are just some of the projects we’ve done in the past:

Project 1:  Scene Re-creation of the Poem ‘The Creamtion of Sam McGee’

In this workshop students will translate what they take from or understand of the poem and translate it into a 3D scene.  We will work with shapes, extures, lines, space and some techniques that will challenge problem solving skills and create an original model of a scene from a piece of Canadian literature.

Not only a great technical project from a ceramics point of view, but also connects it to poetry and history, proving how these things can all work together.


Project 2:  ‘Railroad Trilogy’ Mural

Students will be asked to bring to school drawings and sketches from their experience reading The Railroad Trilogy.  They will then use these drawings as a guide to create a 6 –squares piece mural.  Students will learn some carving, relief, textures, and other techniques while being aware of space and balance.

A powerful project that tackles many fundamental concepts of art theory while connecting to the experience of literature.