Grade 5 Project Sample Ideas

Would you like to enhance your students’ learning experience? Want them to really get immersed in your subject and give them that hands-on feeling of REAL learning and exploration?

Let us design a high-quality Creative workshop customized to fit your curriculum!

Our workshops are designed to work with the teacher to enhance any current themes or topics the kids are learning about to make it more fun. For instance, if they are learning about medieval times, we can create ceramic castles, or a shield/crest… we can make cultural connections (Aztec suns, Chinese Dragons, Native masks etc), create Egyptian Sarcophaguses, Pioneer Log Houses, etc etc.

Any topic of learning can become creative, and it is in this state where real learning blossoms. Let us show you our magic!

Here are just some of the projects we’ve done in the past:

Early Civilizations

Project 1: Early Dynastic Mesopotamian Self-Portrait Sculpture

During the early dynastic period lide in the cities of Mesopotamia was highly focussed on the gods. These self-portrait statues embodied the very essence of the worshipper so that the spirit would be present when the physical body was not. In this workshop students will learn techniques to make a self portrait sculpture according to the beliefs of ancient Iraq.

A great hands-on way to tap into the possible mindset of a person from this time in our past while expanding their ceramic skills.


Project 2: Chinese Terracotta Army

Emporer Ying Zheng was buried 2200 years ago along with a massive stone army of warriors and horses in preparation for his afterlife. Students will learn about the 8000 full-sized warriors while making a miniature version of one.

An inspiring view into a fascinating and incredible true creation in history.


Project 3: Scarab Amulets

In ancient Egypt, amulets might be carried, used in necklaces, bracelets or rings to ensure a safe healthy and productive life, or with a mummy’s bandages to assist into the afterlife.  Students will make their own scarab amulets for good luck while learning about some of the ancient Egyptian’s beliefs.

A magical project to open the imaginitive world of ancient Egypt.


Project 4:  Mayan Calendar

The Mayans developed a complex and fascinating civilization.  We will explore Mayan culture and religion through the creation of a calendar disk.

A very fun style to mimic and experiment with in clay while enjoying some of humanity’s most fascinating pasts.


Project 4:   Cartouche

In ancient Egypt, kings and sometimes others encircled their name with a design that we now call cartouche. Students will learn more about the cartouche and it’s symbols while making their own cartouche necklace with their own name translated into real egyptian heiroglyphics.

The perfect project for mixing ancient Egyptian culture, personal uniqueness, and the fun of ceramics.


Project 5:   Egyptian Relic Lesson Plan

In this project students will look at examples of ancient Egyptian art and will re-create an relic of their own.  Their relics will use real heiroglyphics carved into clay vet similar to the way ancient heiroglyphics were carved.

A real eye-opener to the construct of written language, and an appreciation for the development of it to modern day.


Project 6:   Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus

The ancient Egyptian sarcophagus was usually the external layer of protection for a royal mummy.  An ancient sarcophagus was highly decorated with ornate carvings, paintings, heiroglyphics  and reliefs.  In this project students will learn the techniques needed to make and decorate a clay model sarcophagus.

A fun and challenging project, with many useful clay techniques learned.


Project 7:   Ancient Egyptian Death Masks:

The ancient Egyptians had complex and elaborate beliefs about the afterlife.  They used the death masks as part of their funeral rituals to give the dead a face for the afterlife.  Students will learn more about the egyptian beliefs while making their own masks.

Masks are always fun to make with clay, and is sure to be a winner – Egyptian death masks even moreso.