Grade 4 Project Sample Ideas

Would you like to enhance your students’ learning experience? Want them to really get immersed in your subject and give them that hands-on feeling of REAL learning and exploration?

Let us design a high-quality Creative workshop customized to fit your curriculum!

Our workshops are designed to work with the teacher to enhance any current themes or topics the kids are learning about to make it more fun. For instance, if they are learning about medieval times, we can create ceramic castles, or a shield/crest… we can make cultural connections (Aztec suns, Chinese Dragons, Native masks etc), create Egyptian Sarcophaguses, Pioneer Log Houses, etc etc.

Any topic of learning can become creative, and it is in this state where real learning blossoms. Let us show you our magic!

Here are just some of the projects we’ve done in the past:

Project 1:   Toad House

Students will explore how animals respond to their environment and how humans can help or harm living things, while learning some clay techniques to construct their own toad house.

A fun little journey into a special ecosystem we rarely pay attention to.


Project 2:   Green Man Mask

In most times and cultures, a society’s understanding of nature was critical to it’s survival.  In medieval Europe the green man was a symbol of the cycle of birth, growth, maturity, death and rebirth.  The masks and sculptures of this period show a human face augmented with leaves and vines covering portions or most of the features.  For our masks we will broaden the concept to incorporate any natural element with the human face – for instance insects, water, fire, flowers, etc…

A highly creative project while stimulating a sense of oneness and respect for the earth.


Project 3:   Medieval Castle

While students build their own 3D castle, they will also be learning about the different classes and people that worked and lived in the castle and their place in the medieval society.  They will also learn about the architecture of the castle and the different rooms and areas of the structure.

An amazing project for students that is sure to enhace both problem-solving skills and their ability to work in a group.


Project 4:   Gargoyles

In this worshop students will learn about gargoyles – these grotesque fantasy creatures that were made to project water from a gutter or spout with intentions to scare away evil spirits.  They will discuss both their functional architectural purposes and the ideas that these creatures arose from, while learning the techniques to create their own clay gargoyle.


Project 5:   Medieval Society

Social divisions were extreme in medieval society. Students will explore these differences by making a tumbler or rough bow of peasant style, a jug used by wealthier land owners, or a goblet preferred by the nobility.

An interesting introduction to thinking about social class and its structure.