Grade 1 Project Sample Ideas

Would you like to enhance your students’ learning experience? Want them to really get immersed in your subject and give them that hands-on feeling of REAL learning and exploration?

Let us design a high-quality Creative workshop customized to fit your curriculum!

Our workshops are designed to work with the teacher to enhance any current themes or topics the kids are learning about to make it more fun. For instance, if they are learning about medieval times, we can create ceramic castles, or a shield/crest… we can make cultural connections (Aztec suns, Chinese Dragons, Native masks etc), create Egyptian Sarcophaguses, Pioneer Log Houses, etc etc.

Any topic of learning can become creative, and it is in this state where real learning blossoms. Let us show you our magic!

Here are just some of the projects we’ve done in the past:

Project 1:   Relationship Plate

Students will create s platter using a variety of techniques.  The platter will then be decorated with pictures, images or symbols of important people in the student’s lives, making it a tangible representation of the interrelationship of these people and the student.

A wonderful gift with much meaning and love – always very special.

Project 2:   Building a Local Community (group project)

Students will be divided into groups and asked to research and draw a map of their school’s community.  Then they will create a representation of that community in clay (school, churches, houses, parks, streets etc) using a variety of taught techniques.  This project doubles the theme of community because as they physically create and conceptualize their community, they are also learning to work together and problem-solve as a team.

A great spirit-builder for students, the class and school to be proud of together..

Project 3:   Character Bust

Option A:

Students will read a book (of their choice or assigned by their teacher) and create a clay bust of a character to go with a character analysis.  Roles of protagonist, heroines, heroes, and various archetypes will be explored.

A great project and decoration for someone’s room who has a favorite book or story.

Option B:

Students will create a bust out of their own imagination, and then reversely create a character analysis from the results of the bust that is sufficient to begin writing their own story from.  Students will learn of the different types of character roles and the basic structures of storytelling, but with their own imagination as the catalyst rather than a piece of existing fiction.

A wonderful, hands-on approach to the experience of creating and manifesting an idea, and the art of storytelling.

Project 4:   Season Tiles

Students will create and decorate ceramic tiles to represent the four seasons.  They will learn about the changing of the seasons, identify warm and cool colors on the color wheel, and examine the different motifs and images that go with each season.  Other works of art related to seasons, and color choices/subject matter of each piece will be discussed to help the students and bring their own ideas + learned design concepts together into their own creative representations.

A great introduction to concepts of artistic design, and a visual perspective on the fascinations of our living, changing environment.

Project 5:   Rolie Polie Bugs

Bugs are everywhere and children are fascinated and also frightened by them. In this exercise students will learn of the characteristics and identifyable elements of bugs and insects, specifically the ‘Rolie Polie’ bug.  This bug one of the most unusual, and live in students’ own backyards.  Students will learn that they are crustaceans like crabs, differ from other insects with their 2 compound eyes, 2 pairs of antennae, 3 pairs of mouth parts, no heart, and fish-like gills that allow them to survive in damp places.

Bugs are a very important part of our ecosystem, so lets get creepy and make some bugs!