Corporate Workshops

In this age and for the future, the ability to rethink and reinvent how a company works is vital for corporate success. Thinking outside the box, creative problem-solving, and visualizing new ideas have perhaps never been so valuable and in demand.

Yet sometimes, workplace routines and expectations can often narrow a team’s ability to let their creativity and innovation be properly addressed. Our ‘Creative Team-Building Workshops’ offer a relaxing and peaceful environment where anyone can feel comfortable letting creativity come out, and re-discover new and limitless creative energies they maybe didn’t know they had.

Although you will hear many people say they are not creative, the truth is that everyone is actually highly creative. Yet unlike most ‘arts’ classes, The Creative Hub can create specific workshops with a multitude of different media options that will suit your group and needs specifically.  From pottery to glass, woodworking to puppet-making, we aim to activate a whole different part of the brain that can strengthen ‘big-picture’ visualization in the corporate workplace. Being creative relaxes the mind and body, helps us access the subconscious, and is great for balancing stress and breaking away from our routine mental patterns.

Your team will find a new belief in their ability to be creative, a trust in their own value of that creativity, and respect the same qualities in their teammates in the workplace.

3-Hour Workshops

Full-Day Workshops
(w/catered lunch)

2-Day Weekend Workshops

Please contact us to discuss your needs and we can put together a package;
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