Week 3 Jul 16-20

The Creative Hub brings the best of Creative Insight Pottery and CreativWorks together again this summer for the best Children’s Arts & Pottery Camp around!

Our art projects will vary from doodles to drawing, painting, sculpting, mixed media and printmaking – and in the pottery studio kids will be doing hand-built pottery, explore surface decoration techniques, and will also get to spend time on a real potter’s wheel! Always something fresh and creative!

Kids will have fun exploring their imaginations and unique expressions.  Also plenty of daily outdoor activities to round out this full summer camp experience!

Camps are designed for kids 5+.

Class sizes are much smaller than most other camps (no more than 12 per group), so there is plenty of individual attention.

Each week has a new theme and projects, so you can sign up for more than one week and never do the same project twice.

Morning and afternoon care also available

Bring a lunch and snack!

This Week’s Theme:  Looking at Nature – Finding Art

Field Trip: Kelso Conservation Area
Wednesday July 18 – $15 extra

This is a great camp for all the out doors explores and art lovers!

We will get inspired by nature while making beautiful art work. our field trip is to kelso conservation area where we can hike and look for nature treasures to use on our work.

Kids will be encourage to look for textures to use on the clay, different shapes to make it into animals and so much more! The end of the day, we will spend swimming in the lake and enjoying a picnic with friends!