The CREATIVE HUB is a partnership of Creative Works (formerly known as ‘The Creative Manor), and Creative Insight Pottery, who have finally made their dream come true to create a real Arts & Pottery Centre in the heart of our picturesque Victorian village of Waterdown. 

Come enjoy a cozy uplifting environment where anyone can feel good learning some new skills and exploring their own creative selves.

We bring only the highest quality teachers, classes and workshops, with a goal to evolve a community of inspiring one another to realize the endless value and benefits of simply making time for and respecting creativity in our lives.


Creative Insight Pottery

Creative Insight Pottery was founded in 2010 by Katia Liberato, a graduate of the Sheridan College Ceramics program in 2003, winner of a scholarship to the Intensive Glazing course at Metchosin Summer School for the Arts, Betty Kantor Award winner, and a featured artist at various galleries and exhibitions.

Her passion for pottery does not stop at creating beautiful pieces, but also in creating a space where more people can come to feel good and be creative. A place where anyone can learn the skills to create but also where they can feel free and comfortable to explore their own selves.

No matter how old you are, there is a joy that comes when you can just give yourself that time and place we want to be; that place where you can explore, learn, and grow.

Creativworks Art Studio in partnership with The Creative Hub, strives to enrich community life by fostering an appreciation of the arts through active involvement in a variety of creative experiences. We offer Studio courses for all students, young and old, in a supportive and unique environment where they can realize their creative potential while exploring the wonders of Art.

The stimulating environment of a proper art studio provides a wonderful backdrop for students to develop and express their creativity freely. Teachers come with talent, content expertise and the love of teaching, infusing lessons with their passion and knowledge.

The Creative Arts programming , aims to provide valuable resources for your families creative expressions by offering high quality art instruction , from engaging after-school art classes to year long programs. We also offer art camps and classes during the march break, PD days, summer holidays and themed birthday parties, social paint nights and corporate team building events. Creativworks delivers visual arts programs that are fun, innovative and reasonably priced.

Drop in and …be inspired and get creating!