The Creative Gardener

Come out of hibernation this winter and learn how to grow your own food organically. By planning
ahead, you’ll be ready when spring arrives…..seed catalogues start appearing in December!

Gardening is a creative and therapeutic pursuit, but now, more than ever, vegetable gardening is taking
on another important role. What we eat and how it’s grown has become a complex and worrisome
issue. More and more often, we hear reports on the widespread use of genetically modified ingredients
and toxic chemicals. It’s no longer clear whether the food we’re buying to sustain ourselves and feed our
families with is actually healthy. The majority of food sold in grocery stores is controlled by a handful of
corporations who value their bottom line over your well being and the health of the planet.

Buying local, organically grown food is a great way to change the way we eat, but it can get expensive.
By starting a garden and growing at least some of your own food, you can save money and benefit in so
many other ways. Food that is picked right before it’s eaten is the most nutritious food there is. Knowing
that your food didn’t have to travel far and is non-GMO and chemical-free because you grew it yourself,
by hand, is invaluable. Growing plants from seed and serving up the fruits of your labour is the ultimate
in creativity! And there is the wellness that comes from quiet, physical work outdoors in the fresh air.

This course will teach you all the skills you’ll need in order to start and tend your own garden, and to
continue gardening successfully for years to come. Start small or team up with a friend if you’re worried
you don’t have time for a garden, sharing the labor and the bounty. Or go big if you have the space. Your
garden can be whatever you want it to be.

Reconnect with your food source and begin eating fresh, organic homegrown food this summer.

**Watch for Cultivating Skills specialty workshops throughout the seasons!

6 weeks
Starts Jan 9