Natural Soap Making Adult Workshop

Cold Process Soap Workshop

Learn to make “real” soap using oils and lye.  Each participant will make their own batch of soap with their choice of essential oils, herbs, spices, clays and botanicals.  Each batch will yield 10 to 11 bars and you will have the option to do a soap exchange with the other participants in your group, giving you a variety of scents and textures to enjoy.

You will learn the chemistry of how soap is made and a short history lesson too!

This workshop is approximately 2 1/2 to 3  hours long.

It is important that you bring the following supplies to class:

  • Old shirt with long sleeves
  • Rubber gloves
  • One 1.89 litre empty and cleaned beverage carton or 2 1 litre cartons (these will be used as the mold we will pour the soap into)
  • Two old towels-(to cover the soap to keep it warm for 24 hours while it sets)
  • A “fun” spirit!

The cost of the workshop includes all the ingredients needed to make a batch of all-natural soap as well as the instructional recipe you can keep should you decided to make it again on your own. Other items & equipment needed (utensils, measures, scale, aprons, blenders, etc.) will also be supplied for class participants. Enjoy a glass of wine, coffee, tea, and a light snack (when workshop is held in my home only) but most importantly, a welcoming atmosphere where everyone will feel relaxed and enjoy our time together!

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