‘Create and Meditate’ Mala Workshop

In this workshop, inspired by ancient tradition, you will be guided through creating your own unique 108 beaded mala from start to finish that can be worn as Yoga Boho-Chic jewelry as well as used in practice, using a variety of materials including, gemstones, wooden beads, and charms. We will explore the history of the Mala, significance of the beads and the auspicious number 108, how to properly use and care for your mala.

We will also learn about the various gemstones and their various properties on our mental, emotional and spiritual states and how these can help create a useful mantra for meditation purposes. Wherever you are in your practice, let this day serve as a new beginning.

We will begin this workshop with a short and gentle yoga stretch to ready our bodies for the day and settle into our opening 20 minute meditation
“A Journey Through The Chakras”.

Please dress in layers so you can you adjust to the temperature and surroundings comfortably as needed.

Mala Workshop dec 19